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Alleyes Path - Thanks EP

Graphic Layout and Design: Michael Bridgmon
Format: Digital
One of the most prolific acts in Columbus, Ohio Alleyes Path prodigiously crank out recordings and perform for anyone who'll have them - everything from basement hardcore shows to club gigs. "Our goal is just to be for everyone," Jared "Path" Young said. Alleyes Path includes Dance or Die's DJ Self Help, aka Danny Johnson who provides production duties. The "Thanks" EP, is the first Alleyes Path release to feature all three contributors.

It's also the clearest distillation of the trio's strengths and the surest evidence that they're achieving their goal of combining artsy, conscious and commercial elements into something uniquely stimulating. Both rappers are in top form, painting vivid imagery against a constantly shifting canvas. The vocoder-coated club beat of "Night Drive" rubs elbows with the jazzy, Tribe-style sax breaks and shout-outs of "All Together Now." Johnson even sings the hook on one track. "It's definitely not a lemon," Michael Bridgmon (aka Alleyes Manifest) said. "You will not have to take that s--t back." -Alive!


1. Industry (produced by PATH)
2. Night Drive (produced by DJ Self Help)
3. All Together Now (produced by DJ Self Help)
4. Sega Dreamcast (produced by DJ Self Help)
5. A Letter (produced by PATH)

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