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Alleyes Manifest - Bloody Blvd

Graphic Layout and Design: Michael Bridgmon
Format: Digital & Ltd Hardcopy
Catalog: N32-001 (2011)

After years of recording sessions, hi-jacked audio files, hostage-holding engineers and not to mention physical, personal, and geographical barriers, Columbus Ohio lyricist/graphic artist Alleyes Manifest and Seattle, WA producer Splitface bring their project "Bloody Blvd." into existence. Their friendship first began with a chance encounter on a stairwell some 9 years ago at a small basement freestyle battle in Illinois. As the years slipped by, their friendship became a solid foundation for their collaborative endeavors. Bloody Blvd has been a labor of love since their first recordings in 2004 and it's an affectional jaunt through their collectively united minds. The theme of the album is a recurring fragmented puzzle of troubling situations and fulfillment of life's aspirations. All told through the eyes of a man on the road. His purpose, and motive are ultimately decided by the listener. Intelligent rhymes and exceptional wordplay are apparent in Alleyes Manifest's written words. But what is truly amazing is his abstract yet subtly formulaic approach to song structure making his vocal delivery sound as if he's summoning jazz legends of the past as they erupt their improvisational horns letting loose with the band. In true hip hop sample-based music fashion Split's rustic drum breaks, psychedelic guitar riffs, moody orchestral strings and 50's crooner samples weaves a sonic tapestry worthy of a fist pump while being simultaneously chilled out. -N32

1. Mission Statement
2. Lost And All Alone
3. Wicked And Witty ft. Mathias 
4. Reading Life
5. Life On The Road ft. Jus Time, J-Toth
6. Bloody Blvd
7. Fly Away
8. Chased By The Wind (Instrumental)
[All Songs Produced by Splitface]

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   Bloody Blvd - Alleyes Manifest 

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