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Visual-Ops: Slum Down
Visual-Ops: slum down


Alleyes Manifest and DJ Self Help - Slum Down EP 
Graphic Layout and Design: Michael Bridgmon 
Format: Digital EP 
Catalog: N32-003 

Watchable CCAD grad Alleyes Manifest moved to Los Angeles last year, but that didn't stop hip from making an the "Slum Down" EP with his Alleyes Path mate DJ Self Help. "Slum Down" is funky powerful and strange and we quite like it. Go ahead and check it out. -Columbus Alive

The charismatic son of a preacher man who combined gospel’s spirit with experimental rap styles, Alleyes Manifest moved to L.A. But not before making the Slumdown EP, a collaborative effort between the Columbus ex-pat and 614 resident DJ Self-Help. With help from shakers and layered synth buildups, Alleyes deals with the paradox of hip-hop’s dual nature as both party music and a voice for youth. -The Other Paper

1. Burgers In Paradise
2. Kinfolk
3. Golden Trees
4. Slum Down

*All songs produced by DJ Self Help

Slum Down - EP - Alleyes Manifest & DJ Self Help

Burgers In Paradise - Single - Alleyes Manifest & DJ Self Help


Additional Media:

'Slum Down' Custom iPhone background (when viewing this page on an iPhone hold image, click save, add wallpaper to home or lock screen)