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Splitface - The Autumn EP
Drawings, Graphic Layout, Design + Photography: Peter Seay
Format: Digital
IGE-018 (2009) 

St. Louis producer Splitface’s new EP, The Autumn shuffles along with seven tracks of beat-heavy, often moody instrumentals. Its sound is deeply influenced by the sample-happy world of instrumental hip hop that’s dominated dreary cop shows and grungy sci-fi thrillers for, oh, 15 years or so now. It’s an entirely enjoyable flip through an obsessive’s record collection — a scratchy drum loop serving as background to a morose accordion, an electric-organ trill set against funky plucked bass guitar. Fans of Unkle, Propellerheads, Tricky and especially DJ Shadow will find much to like. The titular track lopes along, minimally steady, with a plaintive violin that sounds like the loneliest old-movie theme song ever. “Yale Ave.” strips things down even further, with a noisy sampled LP drum loop, repetitive flute solo and little else. It’s very down-tempo, very chill. “Morningside” introduces nervous breakbeats and a burbling, barely there bass line that serve counterpoint to fleeting appearances by a wah-wah guitar. “Apocalypse Galaxy Fog” offers the record’s most lush sonic palette, with a lovely, airy drone and a nice, off-kilter rhythm. The EP’s high point is “Rings of Smoke,” which dabbles in analog glitch, courtesy of a gargling organ solo that’s as memorable as R2D2 bitching out C-3PO. The Autumn delivers seven solid tracks of UK-inflected instrumental grooves, backed up with solid production and an ear for variety. 

1. The Autumn
2. Yale Ave.
3. Morningside
4. Apocalypse Galaxy Fog
5. 125th Le Femme ft. Cuts by DJ Mahf
6. Rings Of Smoke
7. Mountain Home ft. Additional Guitar by Matt Sawicki

*All songs produced by Splitface 
Download includes Photographic Stills created by Peter Seay (Calc2) exclusively for The Autumn EP

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