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Splitface - The Face In A Crowd
Graphic Layout: Matt Mount. Graphic Design: Nathan Womack
Format: CD + Digital
IGE-014 (2008) 

"The Face In A Crowd" reminds an industry that there is a direct link between finding the science behind having the time of your life and making huge piles of money without being another spotty one-or two-hit-wonder. This album is the reason people ride the same roller coasters over and over and over again, but here the hydraulic kiss of brakes releasing is replaced by a grainy, black-and-white drum roll, just before the tracks come to life.
"Each beat was handpicked, hand-selected, and handcrafted - from the first snare, to the last keyboard sample - was made, individually, for that person," Splitface said, and the result speaks volumes of his methodology. It does not surprise that excellence was always part of his design. -UMSL

1. Trauma ft. DJ Rekless
2. Catch Her In The Rye ft. Jonathan Toth From Hoth
3. Please Don't Die ft. Cuts by Helias
4. Survival ft. Spark1duh?
5. The Pro's ft. Jonathan Toth From Hoth, Family Affair

6. Ozone Layer Cake ft. Mathias, Cuts by DJ Mahf
7. I Love Hip Hop ft. 12 to 6 Movement
8. Kut ft. Cuts by DJ Mahf, Helias, DJ Pome

9. Ain't No Changin' Me ft. Alleyes Manifest, Steddy P
10. Royal Ball ft. Royal Illete
11. Old Dusty Books
12. Back To My Element ft. Rockwell Knuckles, Space

13. He's Such A Cool Robot ft. Cuts by Helias
14. Herforst
[All Songs Produced by Splitface]

*CD purchase includes CREW 932 stickers. 

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