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{SonicStills} Bloody Blvd - Photographic Teaser 2


Sonic Still #2: Alleyes Manifest + Splitface - Bloody Blvd 


{SonicStills} Bloody Blvd - Data points emerge

"Every face tells a life story, and some I wish I could save, but at the end of that day, we can part our ways." -Alleyes Manifest.

After years of work, hi-jacked audio files, hostage-holding engineers and not to mention physical, personal, and geographical barriers, Columbus, Ohio's Alleyes Manifest and St. Louis, Missouri's, Splitface bring "Bloody Blvd." into existence. The two lads have made certain their cherished master work is released as close to their original vision for the project as possible. Alleyes Manifest on vocals and graphic art, Splitface covering music production and telekinesis; it's an affectional jaunt through their collectively united minds and we're damn proud to make it 932's inaugural cataloged release. And so it begins, the initial project they discussed upon a chance stairwell encounter 9 years ago at a foggy Midwest hip hop house party is complete. It's also a bittersweet ending of sorts as this is slated to be Split's last release.

We present Bloody Blvd Sonic Still teaser numero uno: On the Bloody Blvd. nothing is what it seems and life on the road for a guy with little to lose is no picnic. Stay glued -N32